How to overcome Anxiety

Anxiety can be defined as a feeling of worry or being nervous over a coming event. For example, just before going out, one might keep running to the loo.

There are many things that can trigger anxiety and different classifications of anxiety. The end result of all these anxiety disorders is the same... the feeling of worry or being nervous.

Examples are the various Anxiety disorders are :

1.      Generalised Anxiety Disorder: This is a chronic disorder where the person tends to worry about their health, finances, family and friends etc.

2.      Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:  This is a repetitive action such as washing one’s hands many times (for fear of catching germs or just wanting to be clean), repeatedly checking if the front door is shut etc.

3.      Panic Attacks: This is a sudden fear that comes up in a person. For example suddenly feeling that he cannot breath.

4.      Fear or Phobia : This is an irrational fear of something, e.g. Spiders, Dogs, Birds etc

5.      Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: This is as a result of a previous trauma such as rape. Anything where the situation was intense and not pleasant. A re-occurrence takes place in the mind, changing the behaviour of the person.


What are the symptoms of Anxiety?

When someone suffers from Anxiety, the first thing you must try and do is stay calm and try to calm them too. It will only aggravate the situation if you also panic.

Anxiety can lead to a lot of psychosomatic illnesses. These can be anything from feeling they are having a heart attack, sweaty palms, body getting hot, running to the loo ( either to pass Urine or Motion) and in some cases “freezing” on the step.

What to do when someone has an Anxiety attack?

One of the things that happens is that the ratio of the oxygen to carbon dioxide changes when someone hyperventilates. Always call the emergency services as they could be suffering from something more major like a heart attack.

However if they are hyperventilating, they breathe out too much CO2 (the body needs a small amount) and to rebalance this, breathing into a paper bag will help recycle this air and thereby increase the CO2 level.

What causes Anxiety?

Actually no one really knows what causes Anxiety. However, I know that your past can play a big part in it. 

There is another type of Anxiety called Reactive Anxiety, this can be caused by reacting to a situation such as fear of exams, giving a speech or presentation, fear of flying etc.

How to overcome Anxiety?

Well there are things one can do as a temporary measure (such as the paper bag trick).

Another thing is to avoid eating sweets and other sugary stuff as well as dairy products.

Eating fruits and nuts like Peaches, Blueberries and Almonds

However for a long term solution, I would recommend you either see your doctor or  your local homeopath who can help you and find the best solution for you.

If Anxiety is left untreated, it can lead to depression.


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