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My diabetes (type 2) reversal story


In 2006, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In a way I knew I was heading towards getting it as both my parents are diabetic and my eating habits was bad. I was overweight by at least 10 kilos and I drank a lot of sprite. Hardly much water.


When I was initially diagnosed, I was asked to control with diet, which unfortunately for me did not work out and before long I had to take oral medications. Towards to the end I was on 5 oral tables ( 500mg Metformin thrice a day and Gliclazide 80mg twice a day).

However this was not keeping my blood sugar levels down and my doctor said I might end up having to take insulin, as diabetes is a progressive disease.

This I did not want to hear. My HBA1c peaked at 9.7% and it was not looking good for me. So I had to do something about it. 

I studied really hard to come up with a plan that I could stick too. There is a lot of information out on the net, some good and some not too good, read a lot of books and finally came up with a working protocol that I started to implement. 

I started off by avoiding what I call the POWS group of foods:

Processed, Oily, Whites (white bread, white rice) and Sugars (including artificial sweeteners). 

I eat a lot more greens, fruits and whole meal brown bread, rice etc. Oh drink a lot more water now and no more fizzy drinks!

What I noticed was my blood glucose readings started to improve but whenever I went back to eating the "wrong" foods again, it would rise. Understandable !


However my plan was not to control my diabetes but to REVERSE it. I wanted a natural treatment plan for my diabetes so that I will be able to come off ALL my medications and eventually control just with healthy eating and exercise.

I also wanted the option to eat sweet things like ice cream, biscuits etc whenever I wanted to without having to undo all the work I had done and not take any tablets EVER again.


This I managed to do within 6 months by using a special homeopathic protocol, dietary change and exercise.

Today I eat Ice Cream, Biscuits, Bananas etc without having to worry about my diabetes.


I have been off all my medications since January 2010 and my HBA1c is down to 6.2% done Sept 2011,(making me a borderline diabetic).

I cannot say how happy I am today because of it. Oh I lost my excess weight too, my cholesterol dropped and I am so much more energetic!


I wanted to share this story with other type 2 diabetics to give you hope! You too can have better blood glucose control. Type 2 diabetes does NOT have to be progressive. It is in your hands to do something about it.


Feel free to contact me if you need any advice or have any questions.