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How to lose weight and keep it lost.


Many of us put on weight for various reasons. The most common reason I find is due to comfort eating. Something in their lives have made them unhappy and the “best” way they think they can forgot this is by the one thing that won’t hurt their feelings.. FOOD.

What they forget to realise is that excessive eating not only ends up hurting their feelings but also damaging many of their organs and getting so many illnesses in the process. Diabetes, Heart disease, Cholesterol etc are just some of the “side effects” of excessive unhealthy eating.

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The length of time that a patient lives with obesity directly impacts on their mortality rate, research has shown.

Patients who were obese for between five and 14.9 years had more than double the risk of mortality when compared to people who had never been obese, according to the study conducted at Monash University.

Additionally, it was revealed that in people who had been obese for over 15 years, risk of mortality almost tripled. It also increased by between six and seven per cent for every two years lived with the condition.

Dr Anna Peeters, who was one of the authors of the study, noted: "This research shows for the first time that being obese for longer increases your risk of mortality, no matter how heavy you actually are."

Meanwhile, researchers at Purdue University have found that if obese people feel discriminated against, it can impact negatively on their health.

To help overcome obesity, try avoiding the following group of foods: POWS

P: Processed Foods – such as fast foods, junk food etc

O: Oily Foods – such as fried foods. Try baking or grilling instead

W: Whites – such as white bread, white rice. Eat brown whole meal bread, brown rice instead

S: Sugars including artificial sweeteners. Natural sweeteners are a healthier option


Just by cutting these types of food should help you some way towards losing weight.

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