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Depression and Homeopathy


Depression affects 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men in their lifetime and is the result of many unhappy events in their life that eventually leads them to feel that life is not worth waking up for. This is one end of the scale, however for some it simply is low moods most of the day, generally unhappy with either themselves or their surroundings. Everything seems gloomy. There is no interest in life, a lot of sadness and quite weepy too.

There is also an element of guilt, lack of confidence and low self esteem. One suffering from depression finds it very difficult to get motivated. They lose appetite and feel lethargic. However having said that, there are some who would put on weight due to comfort eating.

The other end of depression, the person feels that life is not worth living and that suicide is the best option. Of course it isn’t, but that is the feeling they have.

Sadly the most common statement I hear from my patients is that there is no point in talking to their friends or family as no one understands them. So as a result they end up feeling very alone – not very good for someone suffering from depression.

So how does one overcome depression? 

Usually there is a trigger that causes all this and analysing what that trigger it, is the key to your well being. It could be something quite obvious as losing a loved one or something more deeper. Either way, it is important to find the trigger. Treat the trigger and the symptoms disappear.

This is where homeopathy can help.


Why Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment that is over 200 years old. It was Dr Samuel Hahnemann who in the late 18th century, realised the methods used by conventional medicine in those days was actually causing more harm than good.

He came up with a healing principle called Similia similibus curentur (which is like cures like) and this became the foundation of homeopathy.

Homeopathy works by finding the root cause of the problem and treating that. For example, if someone gets a panic attack when about to leave the home, a homeopath would , through a process called profiling, find out WHY that patient gets the panic attack and treat the cause of it, rather than say giving a tranquillizer to pacify the patient. Conventional medicine helps the patient at that moment in time but does not really address the cause and therefore a reliable treatment plan is never formulated.

Whereas a homeopath’s first priority is to find out the “why” and then work out the “how” to solve it.

The advantage of homeopathic remedies, apart from the fact that a homeopath looks to find the root cause, is that homeopathic remedies are quite safe and have no addiction properties to it. This is because the remedies kick start the body into repairing itself. Once the body takes over, the remedies are not needed.

If you suffer from:

Ailments from grief,

Aliments from shame,



Deep guilt and shame,

Delusion you are despised,

Effects of grief and worry,

Emotional shocks and disappointments,

Fear of losing self control,


Feeling trapped,

Irrational thoughts (eg what if this happens etc),

Panic attacks,

Peculiar mental impulses,

Performance anxiety,

Rape or sexual abuse,

Tormented by strange ideas and emotions, etc

Then homeopathy has some wonderful remedies that may help you.

If you would like a free initial chat with me, you can come online via webcam and skype and together we can see if homeopathy and counselling can help you overcome your Anxiety.

You owe it to yourself to overcome this awful illness. I’ve been there and know what its like. All I can tell you is that if you don’t do anything about it, it will cripple your life.

Please pass this to anyone you think could benefit. You could end up saving their life.