How Homeopathy Works

How homeopathy works:

Homeopathy works by kick starting your body into repairing itself. This is a bit like the starter motor (your homeopathic remedy) of your car. Once the engine (your body) has started, you no longer need the starter motor.

Homeopathic remedies are energy remedies and therefore do not have any chemicals in them. They are safe to take, and have no side effects.

One cannot get overdosed nor addicted to these remedies.

How do we do treat patients?

Well, basically we discuss with you, just like a counsellor would, to find out what is troubling you, understand you as a person, what you like, dislike etc and then find the right remedy to treat you. This process can take up to 2 hours. You then keep in regular touch with the homoeopath so that he/ she can assess your progress and decide what the next step should be for you.

As you may have gathered from this, there is no one remedy in homoeopathy for your complaint. It all depends on the individual and his/ her circumstances.